The Unexpected Blessings of a Marriage and Family Therapist

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The Family Therapy Blog

Yes, there are definitely some negatives to being a marriage and family therapist.  There is burnout, working odd hours, dealing with crises, stuck cases, stress, vicarious trauma, and of course the one directional nature of the therapy relationship.  Therapists give emotional time and energy to clients, but do not receive it back.

I could go on Blessings of a Marriage and Family Therapistand on.  I admit it.  I have had days when I wondered if I chose the right path for myself.  What was I thinking?  Would my life be easier if I just gave up and did something else?

One habit that helps me press on, when I am feeling particularly tired or overwhelmed, is to take notice of how being trained as a marriage and family therapist has enriched my life.  I want to take a moment to highlight a few of the unexpected blessings that I have received because of my chosen profession. …

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